Indiegogo Update #4

Hi Everyone,

Just adding a quick update of our manufacturing status for the Edge series of products! :slight_smile:

Do note that the Edge-1S Pro has been cancelled, and I’ve already sent out an email to our backers informing them of their choices. If you’ve received an email from, please do reply.

You Jun
Khadas Staff


Hi You,

what is the root cause for cancelling the Edge 1S Pro? Is there a later delivery or
is the Rockchip RK1808 not stable?

Thx for clarification

Hi Giovanni:
Actually, the RK3399Pro is avaiable for mass production now.

The main reason is:

  • PCB Layout: The SoC is too big to design into the Edge form as we expected at first :wink:

We tried, but not quite sucess :disappointed_relieved:

Good day!