Image stitching in rk3588

Hi all,

There is one feature nobody is talking about and that is rk3588 supports image stitching in hardware

This capability is very powerful for multi camera setups

Now, Edge 2 does support 3 cameras

My questions:

  1. Is there any camera approved or validates for such usage?

  2. Does it work in Linux (any) or only Android?

  3. Does it require synchronized cameras? If so, any suggestion on such a camera with MIPI connector?

  4. Do you have any official documentation on this capability?

Multi camera systems for other SOCs are quite expensive or non existent and then you have the do the stitching in software. Only certain products from e-con support it for high end Nvidia’s and also Cupola360 has sometging but I fear is clearly for mass production only.

Thank you very much