I2S Rx and Tx enablement and test for Android


I have a few questions regarding I2S on VIM3

  1. Can you confirm that I2S has been enabled for Android for VIM3 ?

  2. If so, how do I got about enabling and testing the I2S channel? From pin out https://docs.khadas.com/vim3/GPIOPinout.html , I do see one channel is already available on the GPIO header. Could you please provide an example of audio path routing to use the I2S channel for audio-out ? (connect to external codec)

  3. Ideally I need a couple of I2S channels one for Rx and another for Tx. How do I go about enabling additional channels ? I understand the M2 connector provides additional I2S channels. Which additional board do I need to buy ?

thanks for your support!

The I2S on the 40pin GPIO header is enable by default, and you can connect to external codec directly.
however, it is only two channels.

Sorry for that, the multi channels I2S is not yet ready. We will do it in the future.