I2S connection on Edge-V

How do I make a raw I2S connection on the Edge-V EVB? There does not seem to be any hardware support for it in the device tree? Do I need to add it? Do I need to write a device driver?

Please help. Thanks.

yes, you have to enable it in the DTB,
but consult @hyphop for correct details, I am not sure of how to do on a edge-v

i will try help you soon !

please inform which linux kernel used ?

kernel 4.4. Thank you.


check your dtb example

 dtc rk3399.dtb | grep -A10 i2s | grep status
		status = "disabled";
		status = "disabled";
		status = "disabled";

if u see same output u need to rebuild dtb (activate i2s nodes –

#status = "disabled";
# change to okay
status = "okay";



cd /boot
cp your.dtb old.dtb
dtc your.dtb > your.dts
nano your.dts
dtc your.dts > your.dtb