I want get vim3 usage help me ! it is third question

Which Khadas SBC do you use?

vim3 pro
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Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?

android 9 (emmc)
ubuntu(sd card)

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Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

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Please describe your issue below:

I bought a c-type hub, connected it to the vim3 pro, and then connected it to the monitor using hdmi to the c-type hub, but the monitor didn’t turn on.

I installed Ubuntu on my computer
I want to apply the sdk
I don’t understand the sdk application process
i need more explanation
I saw the link of your sdk usage process, but I’m not sure…
when debugging vim3 with Android Studio, can I just connect it to the computer using an a to c cable?
Isn’t vim3 not turning on because the power supply is low?
@numbqq @Frank @goenjoy

If want to use the Ubuntu image from SD card? If so, please erase the Android image on eMMC and try again.


nope i want use sdk!!!



我买了一个c型集线器,接在vim3 pro上,然后用hdmi转c型集线器接显示器,但是显示器不亮。

@numbqq @Frank @goenjoy

Please check the usage here:


Please provide the link of your hub.


this is my hub!!

我在我的電腦上安裝了 Ubuntu

Hello @rayeleigh

VIM3 doesn’t support DP display, so you can’t use it to connect to screen, please use the HDMI screen.

Please check the documentation, you can download it directly.


@numbqq 我查看了許多使用 sdk 的鏈接,但沒有幫助



我想將我的模型更改為 sdk 以使用 npu


You need to convert the model on a X86 PC, you can’t do it on VIM3.

i use my computer!! see


@numbqq @Frank
why not working…

Hello @rayeleigh

What’s your system version? Have you follow the steps in documentation to download the sdk and install the basic packages?


this is my system
and i downloaded it right

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