I want connect big display

I want to connect a 13 “-15” touch screen display to EDGE-V. Where can I buy displays of this size? If it is impossible to buy ready-made, how to connect correctly and where to look for a display for purchase? What characteristics should the display and touch screen have? Perhaps there are separate display models that can be connected to the eDP connector immediately after purchase without modification? Android operating system. I purchased TS050 for testing, everything works great. Now for my project I need a larger display. I will be grateful for any help and answers!

Hi @DarkLynx
you can use any eDP panel as long it is in the range of maximum resolution, for android drivers might need to be enabled, Terry can help you with Android hardware queries, ask him, he will provide you with help…

I think there shouldn’t be any problems, you just need to find such a display, have you looked at AliExpress?

The fact is that I was looking for displays on aliexpress. But do they fit the connector on the board? Does the pinout match? I have questions, so I write here!


@DarkLynx The eDP port is a 30 pin connector, you can search for displays here:

Find a display that suits your needs, and comeback, we can see if that display shall work, and we can see how we can add support for it in android,

Good day!

it seems displays for other connectors, mate

This one is the correct connector, as @DarkLynx asked

@Terry how do we enable the touch drivers in android?

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