I need a fan for my Vim

It is good to have options. Looking forward to the accessories’ arrival on Gearbest.
Getting excited about the Vim’s arrival in my mailbox.

I need the accessories for the 2 Wim I ordered this far how much are they and when can we start ordering?

Option to fit heat sink instead of fan…
6 x 6 x 14mm finned device.
New lid with cutout to suit, or fan opening may be big enough.

Hi, Robert:
What do you mean this:



Not sure how central that is to CPU if you wanted to fit a 6x6x14 heatsink.
as long as the CPU is fully exposed to the hole it will be fine.
One can just attached heatsink to CPU and it will poke thru…easy.

the room size reserved for heatsink is around: 25 x 32 x 5mm.

I was thinking smaller base heatsink to cover cpu, and fins protruding through lid, just ideas…

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Happy new Year,
I really like tiny devices like the Vim and want to run a full Linux distribution on them.
I’ll a buy a VIM (or better two :slight_smile: ) when it can be orderd with an already mounted heatsink and working GPU drivers in Ubuntu or Debian.

Which CPU temp do you get when running this for some time in a terminal ?
yes “yes > /dev/null&” | head -n4 | bash

The odroid developers got the S905 SOC running @max 1.7 GHz, can you reach that
clock frequency or just 1.5 GHz ?

Will the CPU shut down or just throttle when overheating occurs ?


Happy new year!

What do you mean here?

It’s upto the temp:

  • Will limited the CPU freq by software when over temp
  • Will shutdown if the temp heat a higher trigger value

open a terminal and try a small performance test with heavy load on all 4 CPU cores:

$ yes "yes > /dev/null&" | head -n4 | bash

How is the CPU temperature now after running this for a minute ?

Get around 2 mins later

root@Khadas:~# cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp 
root@Khadas:~# cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp 
top - 12:57:30 up  2:41,  2 users,  load average: 4.08, 2.96, 1.42
Tasks: 136 total,   5 running, 131 sleeping,   0 stopped,   0 zombie
%Cpu(s): 10.8 us, 89.2 sy,  0.0 ni,  0.0 id,  0.0 wa,  0.0 hi,  0.0 si,  0.0 st
KiB Mem :  1851956 total,  1476780 free,   157536 used,   217640 buff/cache
KiB Swap:   131068 total,   131068 free,        0 used.  1649972 avail Mem 

  PID USER      PR  NI    VIRT    RES    SHR S  %CPU %MEM     TIME+ COMMAND     
 4877 root      20   0    3388    308    240 R 100.0  0.0   6:25.26 yes         
 4878 root      20   0    3388    312    240 R 100.0  0.0   6:25.52 yes         
 4875 root      20   0    3388    308    240 R  99.7  0.0   6:25.44 yes         
 4876 root      20   0    3388    308    240 R  99.7  0.0   6:24.44 yes 

The temp sometime will head 85C:(Tested on VIM Pro, ROM: Vim_Ubuntu-16.04_V170102)

root@Khadas:~# cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp 
root@Khadas:~# cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp 
root@Khadas:~# cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp 
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Thank you Gouwa, which cpu clock frequ did you see during test ?

I have stopped the testing above, following date was got when I playing video:

root@Khadas:~# cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/cpuinfo_cur_freq 
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Thank you Gouwa, some SOC’s start throttling at about 90 to 95 degrees, some shutdown at 75. Would have been interesting if the S905X already throttled to lower frequ at 85 or if it keeps running at 1512000. I will explore this when I get my VIM Pro.

Hello pebau, Good to see you here. I enjoy your site and have learned much about Linux on ARM there. Great coverage of the 3288. Looking forwad to your efforts on the Vim.

whats the update on the fan and new plastic mount ??? thanks

The cooling fan factory in Taiwan are making that, will be available for shopping around 18 Jan, and will do presale fisrt.

Thanks for the info looking forward to get the stuff!

I’ve been testing my vim flatout for three days now running as a fileserver with multiple vpns on attached too a nas and streaming music and videos occasionally and impressively too. CPU hasn’t moved off 1.5ghz the whole time.

Ambient temps are around 25-31°, its hot here in Aus right now.
Maximum temperature was 103° average of 89°.

I have since removed the top layer of acrylic on the case and added heatsinks I got from here using four of them on the CPU, side by side… then stuck another three on the memory and wifi heatspreader… doesn’t need it but why not at that price ha.

Coretemp is hovering around 75-79°C, unit is no longer hot before it was quite warm to pickup as the top layer of acrylic was heatsoaking the unit.

I’ll put some pictures up tomorrow. Plan too add a fan from a northbridge chipset cooler, believe the fan is 40mm. should sit over/between the gpio pins and the usb nicely.

The unit it’s fine at high temps sofar, hasn’t missed a beat, it’s just the crazy hot weather we have had here that is making everything run hot, my poor router has clapped out four times today, had too bolt a big ugly cpu fan to it.
might have too by a couple more vims…

Hi, Stone:
Which ROM did you install when you did the test?