I couldn't turn on VIM3 although I had connected to power

I’d like to turn on when connecting to power. But I’ve faced a problem not to turn on although I had connected to power. The device which I had used is VIM3. The environment of this devices is Android 9. This devices has been rooted.

I’ve written the detail about this issue below.
・I couldn’t show to display although I had connected device to power.
・LED colour had been blue. Its colour seems not to be turned on SBC(this mode seems to be sleep/suspend), according to the official document from Khadas VIM3.
・It had been turned on when pushing PowerKey.
・When turning on again, the same issue has been occurred again.

Btw, another VIM3 which I have got had been turned on Android OS automatically when connecting to power.
Is there a way for solving it?

I could have solved myself.
The way which I have solved is written below.
・Open Settings app.
・Tap Device Preferences.
・Tap WOL.
・Turn off if Wake on LAN is available.

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