HW ACC & VPU Support?

I would like to know if there is HW ACC/ VPU Support in kernel 4.9 or below ?
I see LE & CE having full HW Acc to run 1080P/4k Videos on their distro, How they archive this?

And why cant we do the same and have a fully functionally linux distro ready for Vim’s ?


LE builds mainline kernels with lima/panfrost or uses the mali kernel driver (depending on which VIM board is the target). It’s not a particularly complicated recipe, although G12 hardware requires you to track the bleeding edge of mainliine kernel development and things are not fully complete - lots of work in progress which is either exciting or depressing depending on your perspective.

If we talk about VIM1 then they do have a working VPU, I assume it is for kernel 4.9, so my next question would be is there vpu driver available for 4.9? also I found something they build which says license = ‘nonfree’.

Thanks for always supporting me learn more about the current status of the drivers.

Kodi works on ubuntu with hardware acceleration.

Thanks for the response but any explanation on how is that possible?

Hello @Spikerguy

4.9 kernel has all the necessary drivers, and mali driver work on fbdev mode and some codec libraries for kodi to use.

Lovely. So do you think I should try building and image with 4.9 for Desktop Environment for VIM1?

Do you mean Manjaro ? I think mainline kernel is better than 4.9.

Yes I agree but at-least on 4.9 we can have a fully functional Desktop, Isnt it ?

Maybe not, there is no X11 GPU for desktop, too. And for mainline kernel we can use lima (although has some issues for current stage).

Oh so we cant have a DE you mean on 4.9 ? Ok I think now I get it clearly. Until someone else have more clear details.

Thanks A lot.

and on which linux kernel version are based all those android 7,8,9 that have full 3d,2d gpu and video vpu hardware accelerations ?

Some Chromebooks which Arch Linux arm ported arch for are on 3.14. For Others Idk, maybe 4.9.