How to use linux kernel I compiled?

sorry, retried disable and reboot, but no way.
this distro fails on DNS.

and its wifi is not able to detect my home wifi, which is on a legit channel 13 (i am not in a restricted country like usa)

i connected an ethernet wire, it does not help.

I was trying to boot Armbian’s Latest build but it wont boot as gets stuck on Khadas logo. But Linux 5.2 works fine on Manjaro.
I have read that Android N have some issues but I cant get the difference both are on the same kernel. I will dig in the Armbian Bootfs

UPDATE: uEnv.ini file had x96 dtb path. Working with khadas vim1 dtb now

Arch and Manjaro support rolling upgrades, so they should be more compatible with different kernel.

Well no luck with smooth video playback in Armbian also.

Do you have any idea how we can solve the video playback framebuffer? I know we dont have original drivers but libeelec have something which works fine. Can we port it for us?

Only Android have good gpu support. But I don’t know the difference between Android driver and Linux driver.

LibreElec is linux and it have gpu support

too bad thee is no solution for dns not working. i gonna reflash my sd card and get back in time 12h ago :hot_face::cold_face::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Did you try the command in my post?

more than once, yesssss

Oh reflash the rom and try just that once and reboot it should work.

I just did that too as it worked fine in the beginning and after few reboots again dns not working so i reflashed and disabled systemd-resolved

Now its fine

dns issues maybe came after i refreshed the distro…

I think it’s not a dns problem

It is something to do with the linux 5.2 kernel.

i’ve just reflashed the sd, deployed the latest boot.ini, rebooted,
so far so good
pacman works again (on ethernet)
but ping still give a “system error” message

I think you can try some framebuffer drivers .
(pacman -Ss mali)

Ok Let me try this
And thanks for the Wifi drivers it works

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Which one is the best for Khadas Vim 1?

I have xf86-video-fbturbo-git

Any recommended one ?

I have the issue again, It happens after I reboot few times. Need to find a solution to this :frowning:

same here, after one or two pacman usage, and wifi-menu, dns totally broke again

need to reflash a third time, this is not funny anymore