How to use GPIO for IR transmission

Hello Guys,
now I conducted to test for IR transmitter.

I think I could control IR tx (data pin) using GPIO. Right??
If so, how can I use GPIO for IR tx?

now I don’t have any idea…Please help me

Hello @denis,
using an IR module for transmitting data shouldn’t be hard at all, just connect the module to the respective GPIO (UART 1)

and communicate via UART on linux:

or android:

cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for your reply.
I’ve got a VIM3 board.
If I use IR Tx, Should I buy that board?
As I know IR Tx sensor has just 3 pin.
For using it, Can I use UART port in GPIO?
Or should buy that connector board?

you can use any of the available UART ports to transmit and receive data, can you clarify about the “connector board” ?

It means like addition board for specific purpose.
I will try to use IR tx sensor…
Screenshot 2021-03-27 at 02.01.20

It has 3 pins (VCC,GND, Data)
In this case, I can use the UART Pin in GPIO…right?

ah…It’s just additional board and not important

I connected 3pins to GND/5V/Uart TX

and…Next…I did edit /boot/env.txt file following [How to UART usage]

But I cannot see /dev/ttyS3…there are jusy ttyS0,S1. Why??

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