How to use external IR receiver and transmitter?


I’m trying to control IR signal via external IR receiver and transmitter connected to GPIO.
More precisely, I want to record common remote control signals (like Samsung, LG TV remote)
and send the recorded signals whenever I want to use.

so I installed IR receiver to GPIO 39 pin and IR transmitter to GPIO 37 pin.
and I just tested to turn on the IR transmitter LED by
echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio431/value
(in ubuntu envinroment not android)

now I have to use lirc library to record signals (through irrecord) from some remote controllers.
but I cannot create “/dev/lirc0” nor record the remote signal.

there’re lots of examples to control IR in RaspberryPi
but they were not helpful for VIM3…

please guide me to install and use lirc library…
other way without lirc library is also ok.
anyway, I’ll develop IR control application by python language.

Thank you…