How to use CSI(IMX214) Camera module?

Dear, Khadas and friends,

I have a vim3 pro board.
I need to collect some images, so I bought a CSI camera module at Khadas.

But I cannot bring up this module after connecting by CSI.
I think Vim3 doesn’t support any driver for this camera module.

How to use this camera module?

@denis the IMX214 is not compatible with the VIM3, its listed in the khadas shop

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You need a camera from Khadas os08a10 with mipi-csi connector…

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hi, I have similar problem to use IMX214 camera.
OS08A10 has too far min focus range (80cm)…
I need to capture very closely and IMX214 cam in khadas shop has 10cm focus range.
but when I searched here, it seems there’s no any csi camera driver except OS08A10 on vim3.
I wonder you have any plans to support IMX214 camera.
thank you.

… or purchase Edge-v :wink:

The OS08A10 mentions M12 interchangeable lens mount, perhaps a lens with a shorter focal length could be found.

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