How to Upgrade Using USB to USB

And did you try to close the contacts on the back side of the Board? It helps some people…

Where of the back side?

Red rectangle with the letter " M"

MRegister Mode(Maskrom Mode)

  1. Power-on Edge.
  2. Use a tweezer to short-circuit the two pads of M register, then without releasing…
  3. Short press the Reset key and release it to boot into Upgrade Mode (Maskrom Mode).

for vim3

In the video, your card goes into firmware mode.

I did MRegister Mode already

@nipon0007 Are you sure that your type-C line has data transmission function? Can we try it instead? I’ve met a couple of unrecognizable data lines because they don’t use data-enabled data lines.

This my use Type-C

I have my friend used VIM3Pro too me.I sent my VIM3Pro to him try to checked&connect by used type-C cable and PC of him,result is my VIM3Pro not connect with PC but VIM3Pro of my friend is connect very easy.I’am verry confused.

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@nipon0007 We have attached a type-C line. Can you try this line?

I do not understand…
What you meane.

@nipon0007 When you buy our board, there’s a type-C data line in it.

at Khadas shop?

Please Noted : I have try with my friend the VIM3Pro of him is OK, but when i change my VIM3Pro is fail…

@nipon0007 When you bought this board, was there no data line in the box? Can you boot with SD Card ?

must be purchased separately.
I need to repair office rom because VIM3Pro no have signal to TV,I can’t upgrade any process.

@nipon0007 When you use HDMI. Do you use external power Supply .

Yes, adaptor 12V2A and try change 5V is no signal too