How to upgrade EDGE-V without formatting all data/settings?

Just noticed a new firmware image for the EDGE. Thanks devs!

Title explains my question really. I’m using the Edge- v as a general media box with Android. It generally takes me an hour to install all apps, restore Nova launcher, check all widgets are in the correct position or make changes if necessary etc… Kodi takes another 30 mins to get it how I like.

It would be extremely preferable to be able to update the firmware / OS without formatting everything, like OTA upgrades work with your cellphone. Is this possible with the Edge-V?

Hi @simsim , this feature is not supported for the time being.If you just want to experience new firmware, you can burn an SD card firmware using an SD card.Thanks.

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OTA upgrade is a feature we will do, but we just go Linux/Ubuntu first, Android might come a little bit later. @numbqq @Terry

Thanks for the suggestion!

Have fun!

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Hello, An app like Titanium Backup may save you some time restoring apps and data after updating firmware.