How to spot visual difference between VIM3 basic and VIM3 pro

Is there anyway to distinguish the VIM3 Basic from the VIM3 Pro visually? I have both but not shure whats what after moving them around.

Hi !
Vim3 basic 2/16
Vim3 pro 4/32

you can see about the system in any program, for example Aida 64.

pay attention to the memory chips, perhaps there is a marking that distinguishes them, since the difference is only in the size of the memory and that’s it!

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@Makro of what I have seen,

If the eMMC has KLMAG1JETD-B041 it is BASIC model (2GB/16GB)

If the eMMC has KLMBG2JETD-B041 it is PRO model (4GB/32GB)


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thanks, I wrote about this above too :blush:

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you didn’t mention the exact info, just said they were different, tiny details add up mate… :wink:

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