How to set up a modem on khadas vim 1 pro

Hello. I plan to buy khadas vim or vim 1 pro. There is no wired Internet at home. Question. Can I configure a USB modem for such systems as: Android, leebre elec, Ubuntu as in the example article for raspberry pi? For example, as in this article : I don’t want to take your device to use the Internet and not be able to do so. I’m a newbie, I don’t want the device to lie on the shelf without doing anything. Or is it better to start with raspberry?

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You can connect to the wireless network on our board.

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I have already written above. There is no Internet at home. So there is no wi-fi. If there was Wi-Fi, it would be a different question.

Hello, I have no experience with USB connected 3G networks. However, if you find it isn’t possible with the VIM1, you may want to consider the VIM3 or VIM3L. Both of those can make use of the M2X expansion board and a 4G lte module.
As previously stated, I have no experience with this use case, someone else will need to determine if the VIM3/3L will suit your needs.

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yes, but only with good 4g coverage in your area

for example, I have good 4g coverage in my area, but I live on the 15th floor and my operators have problems with this, if only I change the operator in my case

but of course it all depends on the module on reception, I have no doubt about the good quality of the module from Khadas!


Hello @Krank,
It’s common for anyone to be a newbie when you start out new on something (unless your DNA was hardwired for something like that) :slight_smile:

But regarding the cellular modem, If you do a bit of digging you can find a variety of cellular modems available on the market at cheap prices, these are sure to work on your device but you just need a bit of patience to modify the OS to work with it (adding linux modules etc.) which we will definitely help you
without a problem.

I personally believe Rasberry Pi’s are more of child’s toy because everything is way too easy to configure there, but it lacks proper hardware that suits many needs like proper media decoders, powerful graphics etc.

But it is definitely your choice to pick up a single board computer that perfectly suits your needs, do a bit more searching to find what suits you and matches your price expectations.

Good day!

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you can even distribute the Internet from your phone to vim, in which case vim1 is just right for you!

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Yes, but need to make sure have the best operating Carrier and also have a nice big data pack :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, he must be ready!

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I have very little cellular experience, but won’t the 4G modems fallback to 3G? Though I realize at significantly less bandwidth.

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Yes that would happen, but it typically prefers the band with least traffic , and sometimes might even get kicked to the 2G spectrum :flushed:


in a specific case, we were able to explain that he can easily buy vim1 for his own purposes !


@Krank If this is the case, you can try to use a USB, but I am not sure whether it can be used, maybe driver support is required

If you read this post carefully the blogger mentioned that he had alot of problem in getting the 3g modem to work.

So it will be the same for you will any sbc you use.

But it is not impossible, all you have to do is find the linux driver for the usb modem you will either buy or the internet provider provides it will the plan.

You can run Ubuntu, Armbian and Manjaro Linux on Vim1 and Vim1 Pro.

I have no idea about android or libreelec in terms of usb modem support.
Next question is what will you use it for with the internet connection?
Watching movies only or browsing internet and movies too.
As video acceleration is only possible with Android, coreElec and LibreElec. Linux OS still does not have video acceleration, but if you’re going to use it for light video playback then cpu acceleratiom does the job.

Check my test video where I am watching Netflix on 720p without any issue on Vim1 basic.


Nicely shown, But man that fan ramped up soo… much :open_mouth: , I think it was using almost all the cores for that video playback.

The easiest way is to buy a MiFi modem.