How to set parameters for camera OS08A10

We want to change parameters to open OS08A10 camera; however most of the parameters including exposure time, wdr, etc. do not work. Even making change to wdr will cause image crash. So, where can we find the detailed instructions to set camera?

P.S. Where is the source code of v4l2_test program under /usr/local/bin?

@Frank @numbqq

@daniel_z Maybe this doc can help you

You can find the source code below, maybe you can find some solutions.

As my first question mentioned above, making wdr parameter change from linear to others will cause image crash. The reason why I wanted to do this was that the image became super dim when I used the camera in the garage. Although the image was seperated into three parts, it was much brighter. SO, I am just wondering how to set the wdr parameter correctly to make the camera performs better.

Hope someone can help me with this issure. THX.