How to open SPI in mainline linux 5.17

Fenix 1.0.11 Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS Linux 5.17.0

I can’t use overlays to setup SPI, The log says:

Apply dtbo spi1
Failed to load '/dtb/amlogic/overlays/kvim3/spi1.dtbo'
Apply dtbo os08a10
Failed to load '/dtb/amlogic/overlays/kvim3/os08a10.dtbo'
Apply dtbo watchdog
Failed to load '/dtb/amlogic/overlays/kvim3/watchdog.dtbo'

For Real-Time demands, I can’t use 4.9 kernel. Because only the mainline can successfully patch RT-Patch.

Here comes a question, Is mainline support SPI?

By the way, I have two slave devices to communicate via SPI

So, Could it happen that spidev1.0 and spidev1.1 appear in /dev for me to open?

How can I edit some DTS(I’m trying) or other files to make it work.

Please help me,Thanks

Or Is anyone can tell me mainline doesn’t support SPI yet for now?

@DylanMingan I will find time to test it and feedback there.

Thank you so much!!!
As a rookie in Linux, this has really tortured me for a long time. Now I’m very excited to hear that you start dealing with this problem. I’m waiting for your good news.

@DylanMingan I’ll find time to look at this, it should be usable

I am still waiting for your reply!

@DylanMingan I tested it, there are some problems, I am trying to solve this problem.

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Is it possible to use SPI in mainland right now? @Frank

Weakly ask, is it possible to complete this function in a few months?

@DylanMingan We will support this feature this year

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