How to open Front size in advnced Display settings?

Default Android settings contain Front size in advnced Display settings.

But Khadas Pie ROMs has different settings and lost Front size setting.

How to add Front size in new settings or how to open default android settings?

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Hello, Custom ROMs(example) from @superceleron include this setting, under More Settings/Display.
Maybe superceleron can give you a hint on restoring this setting.

we were asking @Terry about the next Android release, and whether he would add font resize settings and Make the icons bigger, maybe you can ask him if he still has it in plan…

I have added the font size menu on settings, and will release it on next ROM.


a bit offtopic, but I see the next Android ROM also Android 9 Pie :frowning_face:

Please give me patch for this.
Thank you!

I want to build my ROM with your changes. Could you share it?

I cannot understand, why don’t share this changes?

This is a font size control patch for packages/apps/TvSettings


I applied this patch, but “Font size” didn’t appear.
Are you sure that is correct patch? It contain many wifi changes, like:

<string name="wifi_rsdb_checkbox_text">Portable Wi\u2011Fi hotspot(Source from WLAN/RSDB)</string>
private static final String ENABLE_WIFI_RSDB = "enable_wifi_rsdb";
private void initWifiRsdb() {
private final String PROP_RSDB_PASSWD = "persist.sys.wifi.rsdb.passwd";

This is the reason why I didn’t give you the patch. I have updated the source code on github, and you can download the new source code.