How to keep on screen virtual keyboard when physical keyboard connected

Hi everywhere!
When I connected air mouse, my VIM3 Pro detect it as physical keyboard and virtual keyboard doesn’t appear.
In notification bar I see the item: “Configure physical keyboard” (blue arrow on screenshot), but when i click on it nothing happens. And in bottom bar I see physical keyboard icon (red arrow on screenshot).

Build number: VIM3_Pie_V200917

In older UI on my VIM1 I saw menu item: “Show virtual keyboard. Keep it on screen while physical keyboard is active”. VIM3 Android9 doesn’t have this menu item.

How to setup virtual keyboard to show it when physical keyboard is active?
I think to need extend “DroidSettings” to possibility setup this option:

I found solution to enable “Show virtual keyboard” setting:

This menu calls by clicking on keyboard icon in bottom bar when physical keyboard is active (red arrow in the first post).
But action buttons overlap the keyboard icon and clicking on this icon is impossible.
I tryed to use System UI Tuner app (can download from Google Play Store) and temporary modified bottom bar to left-align action buttons.
It makes clicking on keyboard icon possibile.