How to install Volumio on VIM3L

Hello, recently I purchased VIM3L to use it for volumio, but I still cannot install volumio in VIM3L, looks like all firmware for VIM1 and VIM2. On official web site it is shown that VIM3L supports volumio.

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How many answers do you need? Seen your questions spread all over the forum :wink:
Don’t worry, support for VIM3L (and VIM1/VIM2/VIM3) is coming, we are finishing the final steps to get SPDIF/HDMI problems solved with Khadas/Amlogic on kernel 4.9.
Volumio has already been tested with vim1 and vim3l succesfully, incl. wifi, bluetooth and usb audio out


Hey, last time you reply me to complaint to khadas not to you, as you are volumio representative. As far as i understand this is khadas forum, not volumio. And I don’t like answer “it’s ready when it’s ready” I bought this device because in description was supporting of volumio, otherwise i wouldn’t

Correct, you bought the device. Volumio however, is free, and is mostly developed by volunteers who have lives outside of our hobby.

Yes it can be frustrating, but in this instance your beef is with khadas, not with the Volumio developers.

Yes, that’s why i complaint to khadas, not to volumio, as i understand this is khadas technical support, i couldn’t find another. Anyway, now i am thinking to buy raspberry, looks like for raspberry there is always volumio support

@hyphop @gkkpch may be we can release a previous version to users for testing first and do feedback :blush:

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I think it will be perfect )

whether you like my answer or not, it’s the way it is.
I do not give a date as I do not want any complaints when I can’t manage it. Please believe me, khadas currently has top priority, but it is not my fulltime job, I hope you understand. As soon as we have the issues resolved, we will immediately supply a download link for you to work with.


just for test VIMx.Volumio.emmc.kresq

NOTE: onboard amlogic sound (HDMI + SPDIF + I2S) configuration not complited! plz skip this audio configuration part!
NOTE: toneBoard and other usb sound cards works - without problems

plz read next info if u never used krescue before