How to install gapps on a VIM4?

In the review, I saw the blogger installed Google services. How can this be implemented?

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Can I ask one thing?

I can use GAPPS on ‘android_v220826’ installed trough oowow
But there is no GAPPS on ‘android_user’ I made from github code.
(Fix “Mipi screen UI display is flattened” is good at ‘android_user’)

@Jeter The link explains in detail how to add gapps code and compile it.

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Hello, @goenjoy

We followed the steps mentioned in for installing GAPPs for VIM4

We are using the vim4-android-11-64bit-v220826 release but we are getting few compilation errors.

Can you please suggest what is missing?

please ckeck below error_screenshot for your reference

Hi @goenjoy , Thanks for your quick response

Here are the steps

We are using following commands taking reference from here

source build/
lunch kvim4-userdebug

make -j12

Sorry, because there are large files, you need to execute the following command again to pull large files.

vim4_new$ cd vendor/amlogic/google/
vim4_new/vendor/amlogic/google$ git lfs pull

Hi @goenjoy Thanks for the solutions

Now we are able to see the google play store and we are able to install remaining apps

But some important application we are not able find this apps in Google play store
For example
Google drive
Google play music
**play Movies **
Disney Hotstar
Prime Video

Looks like the VIM4 Android image may not be declaring the “features” required by the Android APK. The APK declares those in the AndroidManifest.xml file, through <uses-feature> and <uses-permission> tags.

You can see the list of features by installing the “Device Info HW” app, then open its “System” tab, and check “System Features”. However, I do not know (yet) where to modify the list of features declared by the VIM4 Android image.

If the problem is indeed that the Android image isn’t declaring the right features, I believe that I found where those are stored, and hence, how to add new ones:

Once you have adb working. Type adb shell "ls /*/etc/permissions". I think that the features declared are simply the concatenation of all features found in those XML files. As a comparison, I found this list of XML files in the official Android repos: data/etc - platform/frameworks/native - Git at Google One interesting file is tablet_core_hardware.xml

Next step would be to add extra XML file to a VIM4, and I guess reboot, and check if the Device Info HW for instance would be able to find the new features. If yes, I’m not sure what’ s required to make the Play Store reload that, maybe we need to re-register the device on the Play Store.

One confusing thing, is that ‘features’ and ‘permissions’ are linked/mixed.

I hope it helps.

The next version will fix this problem.