How to Force Portrait Mode?


I have a screen that is mounted in portrait mode for the end application. How do I force or change it so that the VIM3 Pro in portrait mode? Is there a setting I’m missing somewhere?


What’s your system? Android or Ubuntu?


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Apologies for not including it here. ANDROID

Droid settings- Display- Screen rotation

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Hi Vladimir,

There is no rotation option under display on VIM3 Pro.

I am not with the VIM3 at the moment, can’t check till later.
There are apps that can control orientation on some devices. I have not tried one on the latest VIM3 Android. I think this is one I have used in the past.

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Thanks everyone. I just updated to latest firmware for VIM3 (20XX). It has the rotation option now in settings.

Thanks again.

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is there hope that the portrait mode will be available for ubuntu (bionic) too?