How to enable 60HZ refresh rate in Coreelec?

I just got my VIM3L and installed Coreelec 19.3. My TV is capable display 1080p 60HZ content but Coreelec’s display setting only has refresh rate up to 30HZ. I do notice that when VIM3L boots it actually output 1080p 60HZ but as soon as the Coreelec logo shows up the output changes to 1080P 30HZ. My question is, how to enable 60HZ constantly?

Any advise is appreciated. Thanks.

Hey! go to the settings, turn on advanced settings, and already watch the video mode

Thank you Vladimir. I will try that and report back.

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Hi Vladimir, I enabled expert settings and there was no 1080P 60HZ in the list. The maximum is 30HZ.

However I googled similar issue and found it may relate to the power-on order of the VIM3L and TV/AVR. I tried to power on my TV and AVR first and then power on VIM3L. The resolution was set to 480P 60HZ. But I can select 1080P 60HZ from the list. Just wondering if I have do this every time, or do we have a config/command to fix the resolution and refresh rate?

That’s right, you will need to configure coreelec in your own way, for your TV, you shouldn’t have any problems, however, you should understand how to properly configure coreelec for your TV!

Also, I suggest that you reset to factory settings, and so that initially HDMI could be correctly identified by EDID.
good luck to you!

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Will do the factory reset. Thank you!

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I think it should help you then keep in touch, if anything, we will think further…:slightly_smiling_face:

Just report back what I did and got.

Per @Vladimir.v.v 's advise I hard reseted Coreelec and still saw up to 30hz refresh rate. I think it may because my sound bar was trying to act smart (It will switch to sourcing from TV if VIM3L is off) but eventually messed up the HDMI signal (EDID?).

I then tried command in SSH
cat /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/disp_cap > /storage/.kodi/userdata/disp_cap and edit /storage/.kodi/userdata/disp_cap to only keep 1080p60hz

It works! I restarted/shutdown my whole setup a few times and I always got 1080p 60hz.

So far so good!

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