How to debug android freezes


my android on VIM3 teends to freeze occasionally.
I have looked at logcat and memory usage but did not find anything yet.

Anywhere else where I could look?

hi, there can be many reasons, check if your vim is getting hot, if there is a 12v., 2A power supply. if everything is ok, try to reset to factory settings.
Good luck!

Hello, I have already checked that, also took a look at the voltages without success…

I come from linux development, therefore I was hoping for some kind of log I could look into about that.

the origin of your Android firmware can be found out and what kind of assembly?

@mldevw @Terry @jasonl will help you .

You need to look the logcat log.

Hello, I have the most recent release of your Android SW for VIM3.

Hello, I did, but there was nothing suspicious.

@mldevw are you having freezes in the launcher or the apps ?

I have also encountered such freezes and app crashes, but I assumed it was just because it was problems within the compatibility itself. AOSP should solve those incompatibility problems…

I believe that his whole system hangs.

Hello, its the whole system unfortuanetly…

How does vim behave with other firmware and OS?

Then it must be with incompatibility, because I have had slight hangs with apps, but nothing is seen when navigating the UI. afak this is just code acting weird, nothing that is actually causing errors. so you won’t really be able to get debug logs. you could however try to optimize the code where you face problems, but there isn’t anything else you can do.

good day


it has been working well with android for a while, the trouble only started recently, but I can’t link it to anything like sw update or something…

I do not want to switch os, as this is in productive environment