How to customize the system

Our company is developing a device with edge board. We need to install some third-party libraries. Now we can only configure one by one. How can we add these third-party libraries directly to the IMG file?I found that I couldn’t open the IMG provided on the official website。
@Frank @numbqq

is the platform used android or linux ?
update: as seen from a previous topic, I presume you want to use linux

for linux you can add additional deb packages and build the image from scratch with Fenix

this image can be flashed onto the device’s eMMC flash and it can be accessible when running
there is a small manifest (around this line) containing the various packages that are pre installed, you can add your package name there (assuming the library you need is in the ubuntu/debian repository)

if you need add custom packages, ask Frank or Hyphop for more guidance

@chrismayo Our ubuntu firmware is packaged with fenix, if you want to add the package yourself, you can check the fenix source code

it is linux right, thank you very much!

thank you very much!