How to create yolov3_88.nb?

IIRC previuosly when I ran the following command yolov3_88.nb is created in nn_data/
but now it is not created when I run the following.
What am I doing wrong this time?
Advise much appreciated.

Khadas:root:/deeplearning/aml_npu_app-master/DDK_6.3.3.4/detect_library/model_code/detect_yolo_v3 >cat build
./ /npu/aml_npu_sdk/linux_sdk/linux_sdk_6.3.3.4/ /fenix/

@RichardG Hello , the nb file was created via conversion script . The conversion script path is aml_npu_sdk/acuity-toolkit/

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haha thank you
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