How to create an image of the current eMMC


I have flashed the Ubuntu image onto my Edge-V board. Installed software, updated & configured all necessary files. Now, I would like to save this final OS version into an image file so I could flash onto other Edge-V boards. How to do that?


Hello, Search these forums for DDBR. I have not tried it on the Edge, Edge-V or Rockchip devices.


Thanks. I’ll search for this.

How do I boot from USB or microSD card on the Edge-V or Edge Captain board?

Have you already made the card with the balbes150 Armbian for the Edge?

Is it this Armbian_5.96_Rk3399-tv_Ubuntu_disco_default_4.4154_desktop_20190920.img.xz
from this link: Armbian for Khadas EDGE (RK3399) ?

That looks like the latest version. If you will give me 20 minutes, I will download it and check it for function.

Thanks. I’m in the process of trying this image. Now writing to microSD card.

OK, it worked on the microSD socket of Edge Captain but when I connect the microSD card to a reader & connect it via USB on an Edge-V, it doesn’t boot from the microSD.

I have the Edge+Captain, after burning the card, I inserted in the Captain’s card slot and it booted right up.
First boot you will be required to set new password.
Existing user and password is User: root, Password is: 1234

Yes, I see the same thing here. May be a limitation of the Edge. @balbes150 can give you better information.

Thanks. Yes, the microSD socket worked on the Edge Captain.

So for Edge-V, I also must boot from the microSD card as well since USB can’t seems to boot from the microSD card reader.

I do not have the Edge-V, but I recall reading that the Edges are limited in this way. It may change at some point, but for now only SD card slot works.
I have VIMs with the same card slot under the HDMI port. Plugging a card in there can be inconvenient. See this post for a convenient solution to that.

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Check here, maybe changing the DTB for the Edge-V will help.
Also see this comment, applies to LibreELEC, but may also apply to the Edge.

OK thanks again. I’ll check these.