How to create a "Verified Boot(Secured Boot)" firmware for VIM3

From the datasheet, A311D supports security boot, but there are no relevant documents found in the files or development tools provided by VIM3. For example, a software signature tool to sign the boot image by private keys and burning the keys into the OTP fuse in A311D chip should be needed to make the boot ROM in A311D to check whether the signature of the image is the same as that keys been burned in OTP fuse area.

Is there anyway to get these documents and tools from AMLOGIC or KHADAS?

Following found in datasheet of A311D:
• Trustzone based Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)
Secured boot, encrypted OTP, encrypted DRAM with memory integrity checker, hardware key
ladder and internal control buses and storage
• Separated secure/non-secure Entropy true RNG
• Pre-region/ID memory security control and electric fence
• Hardware based Trusted Video Path (TVP), video watermarking and secured contents (needs
SecureOS software)
• Secured IO and secured clock