How to connect MIPI DSI 10inch panel to VIM3

Dear Khadas team,
I’m going to build a custom HW based on VIM3 motherboard.

One of the requirements is a 9-12 inches display.
Honestly speaking I’m a total nub in DTS.

I already studied TS050 circuits and realize that I have to design my own backlight adapter.

For now, the most complicated moment is how to select a proper panel ?
What panes controller ICS are supported by Khadas kernel ?

I see the following IC/models in DTSs:
TS050 1088 1920
B080XAN01 768 1024
TV070WSM 600 1024
P070ACB 600 1024
ST7701 480 854
TL070WSH27 1024 600
TL070HDV03CT 720 1280
P070ACB_FT 600 1024

Could you please suggest an algorithm for the VIM3 panel connection ?

Thank you in advance

@s1579 Only TS050 has been adapted. For other displays, you need to configure the configuration file of the screen yourself.

Thank you for your responce.

Could someone suggest to me the rules or hints on how to do it?
I see that I need to change DTS and provide a corresponding panel driver.

TS050 is described in arch/arm64/boot/dts/amlogic/khadas-ts050-panel.dtsi

But corresponding panel section is a complete mystery for me:

dsi_init_on = <
0x15 2 0xFF 0x05
0x15 2 0xFB 0x01
0x15 2 0xC5 0x01
0xfd 1 120 /* delay 100ms */

How does it correspond with documentation “NT35596_Datasheet_V0.0511.pdf” ?

Thank you.

@s1579 Generally, it is necessary to design FPC connection cable corresponding to vim3 screen interface and TP interface.
Then, get the corresponding screen initialization and TP driver from the screen vendor and TP vendor.
If you are not familiar with the driver, it is recommended to ask our business department for help. Of course, this will involve debugging costs.

Thank you.

Will try to contact Khadas engineers.