How to configure WakeOnLan

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Recently I flashed a mainline kernel (5.10-rc6) and u-boot into my vim3. I would like to configure WOL for this device, and tried following the instructions in the WakeOnLan setup doc. However, the kbi program in my u-boot version is missing the kbi trigger wol feature. Is this something missing from mainline u-boot? Is there a patch I can cherry pick to make it work? Is there another way of enabling wol?


Here are the options in my u-boot:

=> kbi
kbi - Khadas Bootloader Instructions sub-system

kbi [function] [mode] [write|read] <value>

kbi version - read version information
kbi usid - read usid information
kbi adc - read adc value
kbi powerstate - read power on state
kbi poweroff - power off device
kbi ethmac - read ethernet mac address
kbi hwver - read board hardware version

kbi led [systemoff|systemon] w <off|on|breathe|heartbeat> - set blue led mode
kbi led [systemoff|systemon] r - read blue led mode

kbi bootmode w <emmc|spi> - set bootmode to emmc or spi
kbi bootmode r - read current bootmode

kbi portmode w <0|1> - set port as usb3.0 or pcie
kbi portmode r - read current port mode

kbi trigger [rtc|ir|dcin|key|gpio] w <0|1> - disable/enable boot trigger
kbi trigger [rtc|ir|dcin|key|gpio] r - read mode of a boot trigger

PS: In the docs it mentions the register that is used for the wol feature. Is it possible to write from that register from u-boot without needing to patch it?

@Marco WOL not support for mainline , you just can use it for 4.9.

Hi @Frank ,

Thanks for your answer.

Is it possible to use the khadas-vims-v2015.01 uboot version to boot linux 5.10-rc6 ?

It seems like a few months ago, @numbqq added a commit to fix wol on mainline kernel, maybe that patch can be added to the list of fenix’s patches for uboot?

The missing part is not only u-boot but also kernel. There is no wol patch on mainline kernel now, so even you enable it with vendor u-boot, you will also can’t use it under mainline kernel.

I see,

Are there plans to add these patches for mainline kernel?

Thanks for the answers!