How to build a bootloader for VIM3 s922x?

How to build U-BOOT for VIM3 from source codes? I cannot find a similar instruction, if I compile as best I can, then the board is silent in the debug port.

Please, help me!

Hello, I don’t know if it matters, but VIM3 uses an A311D SoC, not an S922X

There are versions for s922x:

Hello @burato

We don’t sell VIM3 with S922X SoC, all the VIM3 we sold with A311D SoC.

you can build uboot with khadas-fenix
with the make uboot command

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No matter what chip, how to collect U-Boot from the source code?

I need to change configurations menuconfig.

I need not to update, but to collect a U-Boot from scratch

Please read the documentation, there have instructions about how to build the u-boot.

Can you provide a link to this documentation?

Here is a good leadership, I hope it will come in handy.

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The Bootloader compiled done, tried different configurations, bootloader works, but can’t choose the EMMC mode:
mmc dev 2
unable to select a mode : -5

Command `usb start` does not work: `Can not find the controller`

Included all the configurations of EMMC and USB. What can be done to work?