How to add IR remote support on VIM4?

@Totti , below links provide the specifications of the 2 sensors that are available in the local market.

Kindly check and let us know if any of these sensors would be suitable for VIM4 board.

The TSOP1838 will be OK;
The Operating Voltage can be set to 3.3V;

Thanks for your quick reply!!
We will check & try that.

@Totti We have implemented the circuit as you suggested using TSOP1838 and it’s working (IR remote is working)

But now while operating remote with VIM4 board some function are not working.

1.Home key not working (we are not able access home function using remote)
2.Virtual Keyboard (we are not able to access virtual keyboard using remote)
3.Settings App (we are not able to select any option in setting)
3.Permission Pop-up Allow/Deny (we are not able to select Allow/Deny option for Application’s using remote)

@goenjoy Please help!


The new version has solved this problem.

As for these problems, the board is not equipped with IR remote control by default, so it has not been tested.

@goenjoy , couple of questions here:

The new version has solved this problem.

  1. Do you mean the new version of firmware on VIM4, or is it firmware of the Khadas Remote control or is it the new hardware version of Khadas Remote control?
  2. Do we need to get a new Remote control or we can still use the current Remote control that we have?

new version of firmware on VIM4.

There is no need to replace the remote controller. The questions you ask are all software level questions.

@goenjoy we have tested the image as you suggested vim4-android-11-64bit-v220826
and HOME key is working.

But now OK key is not working so because of that we cant access and select remaining functions by using IR remote.

@suhasj @mbakshi I will solve it as soon as possible. If the problem is solved, do you want to provide you with firmware or update the code?

Hy @goenjoy Thanks for the updates. Yes we need to update the code and please provide firmware also for test. Thanks.

@goenjoy We have checked the key mapping for VIM4

VIM4 IR Key_Mapping

OnKeyUp 19
OnKeyDown 20
Left 21
Right 22
OK 66
Back 4
Home 122
VolumeUp 24
VolumeDown 25

we got this key_mapping for IR remote for VIM4. can you please check and update
And can you please shear the path for this key_mapping of VIM4. so we can check it.

Bluetooth remotes traditionally send a device to sleep when “powering off” and wake it up when “powering on”.(ex: Nvidia Shield).

The lack of response from the OK button can be resolved via hwdb.


device/khadas$ git diff
diff --git a/common/keyboards/Vendor_0003_Product_0003.kl b/common/keyboards/Vendor_0003_Product_0003.kl
index cfc8679..7daf2b0 100644
--- a/common/keyboards/Vendor_0003_Product_0003.kl
+++ b/common/keyboards/Vendor_0003_Product_0003.kl
@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ key 103   DPAD_UP
 key 108   DPAD_DOWN
 key 105   DPAD_LEFT
 key 106   DPAD_RIGHT
+key 28    DPAD_CENTER
 key 232    DPAD_CENTER
 key 114   VOLUME_DOWN
 key 63   F5

@goenjoy Thanks for update. can you please share the same for key code for HOME key

@VikasP device/khadas/common/keyboards/Vendor_0003_Product_0003.kl
You can check it yourself. The corresponding key values are all here.

Hi @goenjoy Thanks for solving OK_Key issue.

Now OK Key is working fine

Do you have any suggestions for this remaining issues.
so we can check and try to solve that.

It has been revised again. Please look back.

@VikasP @mbakshi @suhasj These bugs have been solved and relevant codes have been updated. Please download the verification. VIM4_IR_V220908 Firmware upload.

Hi @goenjoy Thanks for providing the Solution

Please Can we get the patches for this …to update in August build

@VikasP @mbakshi @suhasj These bugs have been solved and relevant codes have been updated. Please download the verification. VIM4_IR_V220908 Firmware upload.

@goenjoy, for our releases and further development, we need to freeze the Android code baseline. So, for this, we have decided to use the August release as our baseline code. However, we want to get the further fixes related to IR remote.
So, can you please provide the patches or code where all the IR related issues are fixed?
We will apply these patches in August baseline code and will integrate into our code base.