How to add HUAWEI ME906s 4G module support on VIM3/VIM3L android Pie V200624 ROM

Here provide the method to add HUAWEI ME906s 4G module support for VIM3/VIM3L android Pie V200624 ROM.

  • Download the file for the ME906s module
  1. ip-up

  2. ip-down

  3. apns-conf.xml


  5. boot.img

  • Replace these files for your VIM3/VIM3L with adb command
# adb root
# adb remount
# adb push ip-up  /system/etc/ppp/ip-up
# adb push ip-down  /system/etc/ppp/ip-down 
# adb push apns-conf.xml  /system/etc/apns-conf.xml
# adb push  /vendor/lib/
# adb push boot.img  /system/boot.img
# adb shell dd if=/system/boot.img of=/dev/block/boot
# adb shell sync
# adb reboot

Please give me some feedback if you have some questions. Thanks!


@Terry, I believe the Huawei Module is ME906S not EM…
EM… is for the quectel Modem

I’m sorry for my carelessness. You are right. :grinning:

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Just a friendly reminder …

wish this post came a bit earlier, it could have helped our buddy @ThomasHH-DE with his problem…

but we warned him ,that it will take time, to solve his problem