How do I encrypt nvme SSD which is an external storage for my development board


I am working on a project where I want to protect my data stored in external nvme SSD. I came across encryption methods which android support (FDE and FBE) but I did not find anything related to external block device.
How do I encrypt my SSD just like android does for eMMC?

I am working on a khadas edge-v with android 9.0

I wouldn’t really suggest keeping personal data or files on an SBC, especially one without Antivirus,
especially when 30% of computer viruses in the world attack Mobile phones like Android etc.

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Uhhh, I have a virus on my Android phone, it keeps loading pages with sales stuff into my browser. I think it is one of the apps I installed, but I don’t know which one. Is there any way one can find out which app is pooping up those web pages?

can try to remember, after what began?

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It was at least 2 years ago

it’s time to reflash or reset to factory at least :slightly_smiling_face:

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yes a factory reset should usually do the Trick, I once got a virus on my phone because my little cousin used my phone to play games, I don’t Know what he did but my phone got bricked because of it, Can’t really blame him as he is just 5 years old. :disappointed:

but do a ROM Reflash as it is a much more solid way of cleaning anything on the phone, make sure you have a backup of all your contacts and other important data, forget the apps as they can be installed later,
btw what mobile device are you using ?

If its Qualcomm device I would rather go with a plain factory reset, mess up one thing during Reflash and you can say goodbye to your phone, those ones get bricked so easily :confused:

you’re right, the Google Play Market is crammed with advertising applications, and it’s considered not a virus

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Google doesn’t do proper checking on the apps and do testing on it to check for Bugs, loopholes, or and backdoors that might lead to Trojans infecting the Device.

luckily if using the SBC we don’t have much personal data on it that might lead to problems, but anyway you can just upload the firmware with the burning tool and Swipe! every thing is gone :slightly_smiling_face:

but so are all our precious Apps :sob:

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I’m sorry, I don’t quite agree here, since the antivirus is also a virus :grin:


Does anyone know about encrypting external block device in my case nvme SSD?

I am not sure about Android but incase of Linux there might be some way to do that, you can try some Third party software to do that for you.

Ahh! pesky McAfee Always trying to eat up all my processer threads

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