Hide or Mask HDMI

Is it possible to add a switch to Settings on your Android roms that hides or masks HDMI? Some TV streaming apps will not play if they detect an HDMI connection. Would be very useful.

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I should add: The app I want to use is Xfinity Stream - for users of Comcast’s cable service. This Android app works fine on tablets and other non-HDMI devices, so I believe it checks for an HDMI connection.

Can you tell me the other Tv App? The Xfinity Stream is not free.
I need to have a try for it.

There is some way to do this; I’m not a programmer but I got across st least two devices both from China which have no problem with Xfinity Stream latest version when connected to TV via HDMI. They both running Android 4.4. I wish someone will modify Xfinity APK and offer it for sale. One will think that it should be easy task for software engineers.

I did eventually come across a version of Xfinity Stream that doesn’t check for HDMI and runs on the Vim. The interface is a bit cramped at the VIm’s DPI, but the app produces results…