Hi-Res audio on Khadas VIM / VIM 2

Haven’t yet, we got a ODM project based on VIM2, which is a Hi-Fi and Hi-Ref Audio based product, will update the in the next couple weeks.


Hi Stefan and Gowa, I have not yet acquired VIM2 but curious to know if VIM2 will run debian based Jriver for Hi-res Multichannel audio. http://files.jriver.com/mediacenter/channels/v22/latest/MediaCenter-22.0.111-5-armhf.deb Please let me know. Thanks

@numbqq Nick, please a a test and keep updated.

Hi maxxzaxx,

I install MediaCenter22 on VIM2 Ubuntu, but failed to run it.

Hi numbqq,
Thanks for the update. How about rasplex or any other flavors of plex. I want to use it as a plex server or otherwise as a powerful plex client that can handle FLAC Multichannel audio. Please let me know.

This post is outdated! No need to ‘patch’ files anymore!

If someone is interested, this is how to make Roon endpoint on VIM with Libreelec.

Download Roon Bridge for armv8 from here
Copy to your Libreelec installation in some directory. I will use /storage/.config for the purpose of this tutorial, but you can chose whatever you want. If you chose to use different directory, you have to replace the path /storage/.config/ in all commands below with your path!

Unzip downloaded file with:
tar -xjvf RoonBridge_linuxarmv8.tar.bz2

cd RoonBridge
cd Bridge

Now you have to edit “RAATServer”, “RoonBridge” and “RoonBridgeHelper” files. In all three files, find (in the end of file) the line “if [ -x /bin/bash ]; then” and replace it with “if [ -x /bin/bashZ ]; then” using nano:
nano RAATServer
make changes and use CTRL+O to save, hit Enter to confirm, CTRL+X to exit nano
nano RoonBridge
make changes and use CTRL+O to save, hit Enter to confirm, CTRL+X to exit nano
nano RoonBridgeHelper
make changes and use CTRL+O to save, hit Enter to confirm, CTRL+X to exit nano

now back to /storage/.config/RoonBridge:
cd …

and run start.sh:

To auto start Roon Bridge, back to /storage/.config:
cd …

Create autostart.sh if you don’t have yet:
nano autostart.sh

add next lines in your new file:

save and exit:
CTRL+O to save, hit Enter to confirm, CTRL+X to exit nano

reboot :slight_smile:

If you want to use all outputs in your VIM including HDMI with Roon you have to add config.txtx in flash directory which is read only, so:
mount -o remount,rw /flash
nano /flash/config.txt

copy and paste below line in your config.txt:

CTRL+O to save, hit Enter to confirm, CTRL+X to exit nano

last is to back RO attributes to flash folder:
mount -o remount,ro /flash


If you want to use Roon Bridge together with squeezelite, your autostart.sh have to be something similar to:
(exec /storage/.kodi/addons/virtual.multimedia-tools/bin/squeezelite -o iec958:CARD=N20,DEV=0 -m 01:02:03:04:05:06 -U PCM -v -D -r 384000 -M Hi-Res -C 1 -W -z)&


Hi, Stefan:
Thanks for the efforts!

You can create a new howto topic for this, or if you can write a instruction, we can publish at Khadas Docs with you as the author name.


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Wil the vim2 work with the i-sabre board?
Olso with the allo kalli ?

This boards are designed for Rpi or compatible board, so, I think not.

There is a work around to connect Kali with VIM (I didn’t try with VIM2) but its not so user friendly and you can burn the board if you are not completely sure what are you doing. Use google to find little more info (Odroid C2 + Kali its a good start). You will need second power supply as well. May be it’s better to wait for Khadas Tone Board! Looks very promising.

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I did not know about the tone board
It looks promising indeed
Not much info on it yet do.

It is strange, but the above tutorial not work on VIM2 MAX and i can’t figured it out why.

Okay. It’s work but with the RoonBridge binary for armv7hf!

Hi there the Geekbuying Now Just Release the Khadas Tone Board
The first 50PCS can be enjoyed 89USD/SET and have a RCA 3.5mm Cable ship as a gift.
Hope hot sale on taking about 9 months developing and finally released Tone Board! :blush:


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Hello, someone has managed to install Jriver MediaCenter, I installed Media Center 24, opens up to trial, and as soon as they continue, nothing appears …
I’m interested in hi-res playback in VIM2 with Tone Board board.
Thank you.

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Does anyone have, and is using a roon bridge image as described above for the VIM2 (S912)
they would be willing to share? If not, what core version of Linux are you using?

The above “how to” is outdated. But Roon bridge is still working with libreelec and coreelec based on Leia. Some small fixes to the above guide are needed.

Hi Stefan:
Can you specify the updates and I’ll edit the 1st post then.

Good day!

Hi Gouwa,

Thanks for your kind proposal. Honestly I have to go step-by-step to see what is changed in the setup. I have installed roon with coreelec week ago but I didn’t save the steps. I will do it as far as I have some time and will update the tutorials well.

Thanks again!


BTW, I tried to build Volumio with myvolumio … unsuccessfully. I think only @balbes150 can do it if it possible at all.

Hi Stefan,

Would it be possible for you to post your roon_bridge image on the web somewhere open to the public, Cloud? That would be the quickest way for those of us to get going with roon as an endpoint on the VIM.