[Help Needed] No video in my new vim setup


I have received my vim 3 recently and powered on with HDMI connection.

I do not see any output in TV screen.

Does it have any default OS ?

please find this video

Hello & welcome to the Community,
Have you tried with a different screen or HDMI cable?
Looks like the HDMI is displaying the Khadas Logo.

Please try with a different cable or a different screen to check if it is the screen resolution issue? Also It will be helpful to have a full video as this gif is going in a loop.
If after changing the problem still exist then we can look into the software side by reflashing the Official stock Android.


Oh thanks. @Spikerguy :heart_eyes_cat:

After changing the cable, display is fine.
I have not purchased the remote. How do I use android now.
I have Mi phone with IR blaster. That will work ?
Or do I need to buy wireless mouse ?

Or any other suggestions ?

@rmariappan1988 You can use wireless mouse and keyboard.It’s very difficult to control your board in the infrared of your mobile phone because you have to send out the correct infrared code value, which you can’t know.

I have same problem with you.
You have changing the HDMI cable only?..is back to find.

@nipon0007 Do you use external power supply?

Yes, adaptor 12V 2A type-C port.

@nipon0007 Do you try changing the HDMI cable ?

Yes, I have try changing HDMI 1.4 and 2.0 (before 2.0 is OK) after do flash official rom so no signnal.

@nipon0007 yes I Changed the HDMI cable only.
Also initially I tested with macbook charger. Then i moved it to the one i bought in khadas store
And then the signal came.

were you able to find a way to use xiaomi phone IR blaster with VIM devices?