Help me with Linux distro please


I ordered a Khadas Vim2. I do not know which linux based distro install on it. I would need hardware acceleration for Kodi, but i do not want to install LE or Coreelec because, it’s only KODI, and i need a full linux for other tasks i want to do with my Vim2.

So, could you help me if there is a distro (armbian, arch etc…) which can support harware acceleration with KODI, and if the Tone board will work fine on it, because i also want to buy a Tone board.

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi @yannssolo,I am so sorry that Kodi with VIM2 just run in LibELEC.Another fireware can’t run Kodi.

@balbes150 maintains Armbian images for Amlogic ‘GX’ devices (VIM2 is GXM) that leverage the LibreELEC kernel, ffmpeg and Kodi patch-sets needed for vdec/audio/etc. support.

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