Help me please any1

How to update to the latest version of android tv i tried the ota but it dosnt work and i tried the usb buring tool becuz i download the ota but it wont install the update

Hello, Assuming Superceleron’s ATV, if you currently have a regular Khadas Android installed, you will first need to flash his first ATV version with the USB Burning Tool.
After it is flashed, you can OTA his latest ATV.

Thank u everything up and running now can u post the direct download link of the latesr version of the atv by supercelron

Do you have VIM1 or VIM2?

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Vim 2 max bro thank again for ur help

You are welcome. I have not tried his ATV, looks like two options are possible. He has a version that is used with the VTV expansion board, but it can also be used without the VTV board. This version installs with the USB Burning Tool. Info and link can be found here

The other version links and info can be found here. This version uses the method described in my original reply, in other words, needed the original to be flashed with the USB Burning Tool, and the update applied via OTA.
Not having used his latest ATV, I cannot recommend which is best for you.

My apologies if I have complicated things. Let me know if more info is needed.