Help me,my friends!

On the device I just arrived today, the Android 9 pre-installed in the system have a white screen. The latest version of Manjaro arm from the official website is installed directly behind the USB.The first time the screen is normal, the second time the screen is always pan. the screen is white but it can be displayed, but the screen is fuzzy. Check the monitor to make sure it is ok. As shown in the figure below, is there a god who knows what the problem is, whether it is the motherboard or the driver that is missing, and the eyes are almost blind now!!! So please help me, thanks!!!

Are you referring to the TS050 touchscreen, or your own connected HDMI display?

Please provide more pictures and details.

My own connected HDMI display.

There are two possibilities in my mind:

  1. HDMI cable is broken, in this case you should see some color shifting, glitches, visual artifacts.

  2. Your HDMI display has adaptive contrast, in this case you could be getting a faded image.

For (1), you can change your HDMI cable and see if there’s any difference. For (2), check your HDMI display settings and turn off all automatic adjustments.


Thank you,my friend.My device is ok now,I changed my sytem Manjaro Version 20.12 to 21.04,Then it worked normally.Thanks for your help.

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