Help for camera link to Khadas VIM

Hi folks,

I’m a newbie to SoC related development. I have coupe of stupid questions:

  1. I wonder if Khadas VIM supports camera via CSI interface or via Expansion header. It seems there is no CSI interface on the board. However from this post (link: USB camera support), it seems the S905X chip only supports a very limited number of cameras via expansion header.

  2. My project needs to connect a 5M or 8M auto-focus camera to the board, and an App under Android will process the video stream from the camera. Finally the processed video stream will be output to A: a LCD via LVDS interface OR B: other display devices with HDMI interface. I guess the VIM board can do B, but not sure if it can do A. If it can not handle both of them, can you please recommend other boards?

Thank you in advance!

Hi smalleye:
Yes, VIM1/2 don’t support CSI now as both S905X and S912 don’t feature with CSI interface. The new coming S922 will spec with CSI and PCIE.

Yep, only for B.

May I know more details about your project? I will recommend you a board if I know.


Dear friend, I need your recommendations! Is it possible to use any Linux based OS SoC board with USB 1080p 30fps camera (like “standalone DVR”) and to get quality video image? Thanks in advance!