Help for beginner

Hello ,i want buy my first khadas ,so i have some questions ,i see on khadas website i can buy the motherboard with cpu cooler …so i need to buy separatly the case and the power adapter ? ,if i understand this correct
What about operating system ?
Did they have the Android version how work with it ? Coreelec ?
I was interest to buy the last one called vim 4

Thanks for helping me to start with my first khadas motherboard

They do sell a plastic case but it isn’t the best. Doesn’t have a cutout for HDMI-in and can’t use the NVMe.
There is an NVMe board for it, but that doesn’t fit in any o the cases.
I use a metal KKSB case with it. That’s great, but also no access to NVMe. There is access to HDMI-in.
CoreElec, Android, Ubuntu and Debian can be installed easily with OOWOW.
You can watch my videos for more info. Android has improved a lot. Now it comes with GooglePlayStore.

Good luck.

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Thank you,i go take a look