HDMI Resolutions testing


You need to check the corret clk parameter firstly. :slight_smile:


Do you mean CLK on hw_clk.c file? Or not?


Yes, three point that i listed on above.


I checked it. My fixes do not work.

Standart resolutions - display is work:

root@Vim:/sys/class/display # echo 1080p60hz > mode
root@Vim:/sys/class/display # echo 1080i60hz > mode
root@Vim:/sys/class/display # echo 720p60hz > mode
root@Vim:/sys/class/display # echo 720p50hz > mode
root@Vim:/sys/class/display # echo 480p60hz > mode

Standart resolutions - display does not work “not support resolution”, like custom resolutions:

root@Vim:/sys/class/display # echo 1080p24hz > mode
root@Vim:/sys/class/display # echo 1080p25hz > mode
root@Vim:/sys/class/display # echo 1080p30hz > mode

Why it (1080p24hz, 1080p25hz, 1080p30hz) does not work? It appear in the file “hw_clk.c”.


Don’t contorl the mode node directly.
You can apply the patch [settings-menu-for-custom-resolution.patch] (http://www.mediafire.com/file/xwckrm8t7kitypo/settings-menu-for-custom-resolution.patch) follow below command

$ cp settings-menu-for-custom-resolution.patch <path-to-your-project>/packages/apps/Settings
$ cd <path-to-your-project>/packages/apps/Settings
$ git apply settings-menu-for-custom-resolution.patch

After do that, you can control the hdmi output by settings menu.


I checked it. Custom resolutions was added on android’s settings.
But, my display says “HDMI - no support”, when I select custom resolution… :sweat:


Firstly,You need to verify which custom resolution of your monitor support.
Sencondly,You need to add clk settings of the custom resolution in kernel and test it.


Sorry for the late reply. The NexDock resolution is 1366×768.

If you could include that resolution in the next Ubuntu update that would be great. There are a few NexDockers amongst us.


All my attempts to achieve operability of new resolution has failed. Always I got the black screen.


Yes,it is very hard to add the clk settings. The Amlogic S905X Datasheet is too simple and not describe the clk register in detail. It need the amlogic to fix up.


Hi, terry!
What do we do with amlogic? I want rockchip again, custom resolutions worked on rockchip…


As what Terry said, the final setup should be done by Amlogic, the issues is that the PLL clock setting of S905X is different with S905 which used by Odroid-C2.

We are pushing amlogic to do that, but still need some time, and will update asap when this got resolved.



Hi, Gouwa!
What is amlogic’s developers said on this issue?


I am not satisfied with this, most of the stuff needed depends on Amlogic and Arm, so if they are in a bad mood, they can reject you, this is so frustrating.

Come on Amlogic, Allwinner, Rockchip, Arm…, it’s 21st century, it would be normal for any sbc to run Gnu/Linux distributions, without having stupid driver and many other issues.

I think it’s in their interest, running multiple operating systems on a sbc is a plus for any manufacturer, this can only help them.

Why don’t they release their sources to community, so the community will maintain all that is needed, they won’t lose nothing, it can only help them.

There is a chance, that we could end up waiting for months, if Amlogic decides this, and i didn’t bought this board for collecting dust, i bought it as a mini pc.


Hi, terry & Gouwa!
How long to wait?

This display supports 1024600 and 800480 only, and does not support the 1280720 and 19201080.


Will there be a solution?


I’m too waiting for a 800x480 output in Nougat and mmallow…

Any ETA for a solution?




Hello. Any news? I’m waiting for 1024x600 too.

Change resolution via uart

We are applying the documentation from Amlogic, will share here and keep researching on this.


And Where is it?
How long to wait custom resolutions?