HDMI Resolutions testing

@Terry can you support 480x1280 for this LCD ?
And if possible PM me the installation instructions, i’ve just received my VIM1

For some reason they made it 480x1280 instead of 1280x480 , got it working on raspberry pi4 and windows 10 but not on VIM1

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That is the same screen im using any way I can get help for the vim3

Hi I try to set 3440x1440 60hz at VIM2 with the rom of VIM2_Ubuntu-xfce-bionic with the instructions from How to Set HDMI resolution | Khadas Documentation with no luck.
After that i try and to add new mode with xrandr but no luck and with this approche.
Any change to achieve someone with an utrawide resolution at VIM at xfce?

P.S. In TV I have out of the box 4K but at ultrwide monitor i stuck with 1920x1080 at 60hz altough the monitor support up to 100hz.

Hello, been banging my head for the last days and searching the topics for a while, so finally just to make sure: is it really true that the vim 3 isn’t capable to support more than 1080p@60hz, using Ubuntu?? I can hardly believe that as I have other installations with Ubuntu (incl. Raspberry and Odroid) and they all support higher resolutions without any problems - even my old Mac mini 2011 can handle that! -, so it must be either the hardware or the implementation. And that clumsy solution via /boot/env,txt - which doesn’t work a bit, btw - is nothing but a bad joke! The GUI is always stuck at 1920x1080, no matter what you set via hdmi_resolution. And this script chokes on missing files/directories under /sys/class… Don’t you guys have some kind of QC? Or is the vim just meant to be an expensive toy?

So, if higher resolutions are not supported (and it looks a lot like that), this is just crap and a waste of money… I’m very annoyed (keeping myself back very hard from swearing!)

Pretty good “toy”.

Good enough for us to drop the Pi. Its much better than pi and others in the space.

What resolution do you need?

Which image you used? And which resolution doesn’t support? We checked 4K is fine on our side.

Well, i never objected against its CPU performance - but so far my experience with the resoltuion issues is that it’s far below the Pi . Might be a configuration issue…

My monitor can do 3440x1440@60hz (21:9). All my other devices (Pi, Odroid, Mac mini or other x86 Devices) support this resolution out of the box, the vim just doesn’t…

Tried Ubuntu-Gnome-focal 1.0.9, both EMMC and SD and Kernel 4.9 and 5.16 1.0.9, updated to the last version.

GUI Resolution falls back to 1920x1080, hdmi_setup with SD 1.0.9 reports missing directories under /sys/class and an error accessing /tmp/hdmi_pipeline - and of course, the script is not working. hdmi_setup with EMMC, kernel 4.9.214 doesn’t give me errors but doesn’t work as well.

Setting 3440x1440p60hz in /boot/env.txt: no luck, syslog reports unsupported vmode. I finally got 2560x1440 to work…

So: out-of-the-box there’s no other resolution than 1080p available and the supposed official solution doesn’t work (for 3440x1440).

Hi Terry,
I applied the patches and modified the mesondisplay.cfg file to 1024x768 then rebuilt android, but the screen on startup flickers and it doesn’t work…
(with android 6.0 on vim1)
Is there anything else to do?
thank you

I am using the latest Android 11 version with my khadas vim1s, I have an hdmi display of 800x480 resolution, I tested all the above methods to support the 800x480 screen but no success. Can someone help me with it.

Hi @Terry @ukr4242 i have lcd with 800x1280 (portrait lcd). I want to test 800x1280 resolution. the patch can support 800x1280 resolution?