HDMI connected to TV from VIM3L but no audio on TV speakers

I connected my VIM3L to my Sansung TV via an HDMI cable and as far as I can tell I have the sound settings set up correctly but no sound out of the TV speakers. Anyone have an idea of what I am doing wrong?

Thanks and Cheers.

Hello, What OS are you using? Offhand I would try a different cable.

Thanks for replying. I am using the stock Android 9 that came pre-installed on the VIM3L. I’ll have a look for a different cable. The picture is fine but no sound and the HDMI cable I am using worked perfectly on my Android VIM3.

so, to reiterate, you have the volume in correct settings on your VIM3L and your TV, but you aren’t getting sound from the TV. are you sure you haven’t accidentally muted it in android ?

Hi, if possible, check on another TV

Correct and I have the sound output setting on AUTO, the DOLBY is off and the TV volume is at 75%. I don’t have another cable of TV to try it on.

just try toggling the audio settings to see if something happens…

Last night I connected the VIM/Tone to our home stereo system via the Tone RCA outputs and HDMI from VIM3L to the TV and it works fine. But still no system sounds from the VIM with those sounds enabled in Android. Not important I suppose but a bit odd.