HDMI cable or VIM3 box is problem

Please find this VIDEO
Noted :
I have change HDMI 1.4 - 2.0 already.
adaptor 12V 2.0A

Hello, I do not know what is causing the issue.
I would try a different HDMI cable and a different power supply, just to rule those out.

Which ROM are you using ?

all rom of superceleron.
[ROM] SC VIM3 Pie “Normal” Final v2 20190908
[ROM] SC VIM3 Pie ATV BETA2 20190908]

Can you flash the Latest Official Android Rom by Khadas and use the device for sometime to check if it occurs again, This will help use eliminate any hardware issue if there is.

If everything works fine with Offical Rom then you can flash SuperCelerons ROM and check if the issue still exist.

Also Can you advice on which CPU is it On your VIM3 ? S922x or A311D. And which RAM is there Samsung or SkHynix. Just to be clear of the Hardware in use.

this may be due to the Dolby vision option, try disabling

A311D, SkHynix, RAM4