HD External 1TB Limit

Any way to workaround limit 1TB HD external ?

1TB HDD works here, and just note that you can try with the USB port closed to USB-C one, which can drive 900mA device.

Maybe your HDD require more power and need an external power source to drive it?

I’m using an 4TB external HDD from WD with LibreElec 8 in eMMC. I haven’t had any problem.

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Ubuntu server does not recognize my 2TB

Did you manually mount the disk?

Ok, changing USB cable and works fine, thanks for support.
Khadas have a limit for external HD ?TB ?

good to hear you solved your issue by yourself;
limitation probably will come from the FS type you will have on the harddisk partitions…google dixit:

Currently, Ext3 support 16 TB of maximum filesystem size, and 2 TB of maximum file size. Ext4 adds 48-bit block addressing, so it will have 1 EB of maximum filesystem size and 16 TB of maximum file size.

And regarding partition tables,

GPT allocates 64 bits for logical block addresses, therefore allowing a maximum disk size of 264 sectors. For disks with 512-byte sectors, maximum size is 9.4 ZB (9.4 Ă— 1021 bytes) or 8 ZiB (9,444,732,965,739,290,427,392 bytes, coming from 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 (264) sectors Ă— 512 (29) bytes per sector).

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