Hardware volume control for VIM3?

I recently changed my order of a VIM3L to a VIM3 Basic for use in my CarPC project. I want to install a hardware volume control on the front panel of the enclosure and I assume that I will use a rotary encoder connected to the GPIO…but I am just guessing about that. I have searched the threads for information on this but found nothing, does anyone know how I would go about this?

Thanks for any help.

Hi @Donanon:
You can use any of the GPIO for the encoder, following reference with a button FYI:

Have fun!

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Thank you Gouwa. Will I have to do any programing to enable the encoder for volume control? I am a compete noob at all this.

Yes, have to, but quite simple :wink:

Thanks Gouwa, would you please post the code or a link to docs. for it?

And by the way, I want to use SPDIF out to my DSP and I think I use GPIO pins 13 and 14 for that. Do I need to do any programming to make SPDIF output work or can I just plug and play?

Hello, If you are running Android, you may have to select SPDIF in the audio settings.
Pin 13 for SPDIF signal,
Pin 14 for Ground.

Thanks RDFTKV. Yes, I will be running Android and my plan is to use USB Audio Player PRO to play the music files on the VIM3.

Actually now that I have spent some more time reading I am thinking of installing LibreELEC and using Kodi to play my music files. Has anyone done this?

I have not tried it recently, however, it can be boot/run from an SD card without altering the installed OS. So trying it is no risk.

Also, Volumio is a popular OS for audio playback. While I do not think it is available for the VIM3 yet, it may come in the future.